We are the best service providers in the repairing and servicing engines and generators sectors of all makes and models have been invaluable to our customers. We design a system and make a recommendation that we believe in quality and sustaining the clients. Our technical Team  are highly skilled with having many years of hands on experience with the best quality delivers so far with this advanced Technology Era. Technicians are continuously trained to improve efficiency for the customer and the trust as well. Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Because your system is under the care of Technical professionals, system life is extended and costs are kept down by identifying and correcting problems before major damage occurs.
We selected the products we offer on the basis of requirement, ease of maintenance, service and overall cost. We were selected by many manufacturers because of our knowledge, experience, standards which we maintain and good quality work with in defined SLA.
Generator, equipment and various maintenance packages are customized to the specific needs of the customer. You can reach us any time to get the best BID with best quality measures.

We do Load Bank Test as well if required by clients.

Standard Maintenance Contract Service List which Covered by Us

  1. Inspect radiator to get restrict from cross ion .
  2. Service air cleaner.
  3. Check coolant concentration and level.
  4. Inspect cooling system hoses for cracks and tighten clamps.
  5. Inspect radiator for restrictions and corrosion, check block heater.
  6. Check for coolant, fuel and oil leaks, tighten connections as necessary.
  7. Check belts and pulleys for cracks and wear, adjust as necessary.
  8. Check and clean crankcase breather- check for excessive pressure.
  9. Inspect governor and injection pump for leaks and proper operation.
  10. Inspect proper turbo charger for proper clearance.
  11. Inspect ignition system.
  12. Check air intakes and outlets for contaminants, airflow and restrictions.
  13. Check fuel tank for contaminants and condensation.
  14. Check hoses, piping and connections- check for chafing and restrictions.
  15. Inspect silencer, remove debris and build-up.
  16. Drain exhaust line trap.
  17. Inspect hangars, anchors and supports for exhaust system.
  18. Inspect exhaust for cracks and leaks.
  19. Check battery charge operation and charge rate- adjust as necessary.
  20. Load test battery- Clean terminals and apply protectant.
  21. Check cables and ends.
  22. Visually inspect generator end for signs of heat and wear- check brushes and bearings.
  23. Visually inspect controls and breakers for signs of heat and wear.
  24. Check mounting bolts/anchors for tightness and stability.
  25. Test run generator. Check all gauges for proper operation.
  26. Check for proper voltage- adjust as necessary.
  27. Check engine alternator charge rate.
  28. Check for frequency adjustments.
  29. Inspect Transfer Switch connections for signs of heat and wear.
  30. Inspect Transfer Switch with infrared temp gun to check for loose connections.
  31. Transfer building load to generator (if permitted), monitor for proper transfer sequence.
  32. Return Transfer Switch to standby position, monitor for proper shutdown sequence.
  33. Check for vibration
  34. Check for Leakage
  35. Noise Check