Power Backup Service

Power Backup Service


Generator Power backup why required and Covered services under that

In case of any emergency situations, is your commercial building/ office are they safe or all kind of backup facility prepared by you to prevent from majorly loses.? What would happen if a major storm or any other power outage situation comes it could be a resulted in complete loss of power if you are not prepared? If your commercial facility is anything like many others across the nation, it is likely ill-prepared to handle a sustained power failure.

In fact, most commercial facilities do not have sufficient backup power that would be necessary to keep the facility running in the event of a total power failure This failure was not due to generators not being in place; rather, it was due to insufficient generators and lack of knowledge on how the generators would perform in an actual emergency.
Now it is the time to assess your commercial facility and determine the steps necessary to guarantee your facility has access to the emergency generator power it might need in the event of a massive blackout and safe your Business from these kind off known loses. Some power outages, such as power failures from national grids, are not predictable it can be happen any time, Why to waste time? Why to waste Money? Why to lose the Business keeping in mind the highly competitive scenario we have these days.

Best Defense Against Power Outages in Commercial Facilities
The mere thought of a complete power outage can be daunting for commercial facility owners or managers and can cause some to adopt an ‘it won’t happen to me’ attitude. For that SreHitech are among the best service provider across the nation for all kind of Generator power back up and maintenance services since many years.


1) The very first thing a Company  should have a backup power generator of some type that is large enough to power up your critical systems.  Depending on how your account is setup and your separate facility is reported on, you can also typically get usage data and averages from your local power company to see what type of load you have historically used.

2) You will also most likely need an Automatic Transfer

3) Generator Maintenance & System Testing. Make sure you occasionally run your generator, there is no type of mechanical equipment with an engine that does well when it sits idle for a long period of time. That’s a part of maintenance which is recommendable.

If you are unsure what type of generator is best suited for your particular kind of Business, be sure to contact us today and get this resolve for you .Our knowledgeable representatives can help assess your situation and walk you through the process. We provide you the best ever quotes as per the required industry.